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Certificate in Business and administration

Although Research and Academia is still in France a prominent career for PhD candidate, they can now move into a wide range of occupations and careers sectors. There is now a more comprehensive evidence of the value of doctoral students for society at large.

PhD graduates have many transferable skills that make them attractive to companies and employers. Students often take those skills for granted, but are in high demand by employers. Skills include creative thinking, problem solving ability, self-motivation, time management and team work. In other words, they are more professionally mature.

PhD students have a lot to offer. But they need to be able to confidently identify, articulate and also complete their skills, if needed. This is the purpose of the CBA.

The clear trend for companies to become more research oriented is opening opportunities for new, secure and well paid jobs in private as public organizations as well.

Doing a CBA program at CFDIP is an interesting way to boost chances of landing a non-academic job. CBA is a unique opportunity to design a career option outside academia. Each year the CBA concentrate a rich panel of students of more than 20 nationalities from 32 PhD schools. A year cohort usually count 60 PhD Students.

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