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La formation vise à fournir aux doctorants les informations utiles pour entamer une carrière dans le secteur des ONG. L’objectif est de permettre aux doctorants de disposer d’un réel avantage pour décrocher une offre d'embauche dans ce secteur.

Public Doctorant.e.s
Durée 2 jours

Une formation innovante au croisement des politiques publiques et des technologies de rupture, mixant chercheurs.euses en doctorat et étudiant.e.s en politique publique de Sciences Po.

The dynamics of public decision is playing out in a rapidly changing environment. Humanity is facing new challenges in a more complex and open world. New technologies, new constraints on resources, and, therefore, new sources of benefits and conflicts emerge. These new technologies challenge the process of decision making in completely new ways. What to do, for instance, with: artificial intelligence, geo-engineering, genetic engineering or the massive accumulation of private data? Future policy makers need to be aware on how scientists think about those issues and interact with the rest of the society. This course provides an in-depth analysis of these questions with scientists who introduce the main above-listed technological and digital topics, and the associated challenges raised for public policy. Students will be invited to draw their own conclusions through questioning on how science may influence public decisions.

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Public D2 - D3 - toutes disciplines
Durée 1 jour
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